GACF Ranger Training Facility

GACF Training Center is currently under development. GES is sponsoring the construction and development of a world class Ranger Training Facility for GACF.

Each course will be comprised of students from various agencies including public and private reserves, local and national law enforcement, defence forces, industry, non-profit organizations, and private business and the local communities nationally to ensure a cross-section of stakeholders are properly trained.

Groups will learn in a classroom as well as having access to hands-on learning in the reserve. GACF will tailor learning to specific game reserves depending on the following factors: animal needs, funds available for maintenance of the security, landscapes, size of the reserve, and many other factors.

However, training will also have similarities and show uniformity among participants; thus, allowing for the above procedures and protocols to be most beneficial. Additionally, there is efficiency and standardization in having the GACF Training & Education Centre actively training in all regions.

Follow-up visits to the students’ home reserves (South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa) will take place to ensure that the proper learning and procedures are being followed and used.

The cost of our courses will vary depending on group size, training aids required and how extensive their stay is at the reserve. Groups will stay for a certain number of days where they will be provided with room and board.

There are endless benefits to on the ground support which includes continuous training and education. In addition to certification, students walk away with an understanding of their peers’ roles and an instant contact network. Certified courses with tailored continuation training afford advanced skills development and career progression.

Excess funds from the training and education center will be used for mobile training teams that will educate people in local townships, schools, and public organizations about conservation and environmental responsibility. Ultimately, GACF will provide end-user training Pan-Africa to other countries that currently poach and trade illegal wildlife by products.