GACF Joint Operation and Command Centre (JOCC)

The heart of all inter-agency operations must be a World class Data and Control Centre. The JOCC is the control centre for running the protocols and procedures checklists, collecting and distributing information, and dispatching appropriate resources for response.

The national JOCC will not only ensure that real-time threat information is shared between regions, it will provide lessons learned and will distribute information on upcoming events to ensure all stakeholders are aware.

The national centre will consolidate information on poaching tactics and techniques, share best practices, and report on successes and challenges to wildlife through a centralized database. This is currently based at GES Group offices in Hoedspruit, adjacent to the Kruger and several large game reserves.

The center has the capability to track poaching events, log anti-poaching operations and efforts, field exercises, and share the results with all of the stakeholders. This Center supports members in the field with real-time assistance on checklist execution and is able to validate operation successes and shortfalls, which will then be incorporated into future training and exercises.